Dr. Henning Closes Out Presidency With Plea for Unity in the Profession

Dr. Larry Henning, Immediate Past President of the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association, closes out his year as President with a plea for unity within the veterinary medicine profession. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Henning's column in the current issue of the NVMA's quarterly newsletter Veterinary Views

The veterinary profession faces many challenges, and I have faith in the knowledge that the NVMA will be there to represent all of its members. The field of veterinary medicine encompasses a diverse group of people who provide a wide range of expertise in their chosen fields. We represent many conflicting opinions and ideas. Only by coming together can we make the best decisions for the profession. It seems like many decisions are made by small groups with a loud voice. I encourage all of you to let your opinions be known, so that we arrive at the optimal outcome. These small groups work only to widen the gap between the large and small animal practitioner. Production and companion animal medicine seem to grow farther apart with little understanding of each other's  needs. By separating we lose the strength and resolve that is needed to move the profession forward. I encourage everyone to work together to strengthen the profession as a whole.