Seize the Opportunity Presented by Telehealth

(Repost from the AVMA @Work blog)

With the rise of digital communications in nearly every industry and sector, telehealth has emerged as a prime opportunity for veterinarians to deliver health information and care to clients via technology. To position you and your practice for success in the digital age, the AVMA has created an online Telehealth Resource Center with a suite of educational and practical tools for you and your team.

Located in the Economics & Practice section of the AVMA website, the new Telehealth Resource Center will help you take advantage of the convenience and other benefits afforded by modern technology, while protecting the high-quality veterinary medical care you already provide to patients.  It provides comprehensive information on the opportunities and challenges of telehealth. You can learn about:

You also can review a case study demonstrating how one veterinary team used telemedicine to increase client compliance with post-surgical and hospice care recommendations.

Most of these materials are available exclusively to AVMA members, as part of our commitment to connecting members with a full range of programs and services that enhance your opportunities for success.

Embracing new opportunities

Beginning to offer telemedicine services is a great way to embrace new opportunities in the marketplace, an important consideration for all veterinary practice owners.

When implemented properly, telemedicine can benefit patients, animal owners and veterinarians alike. From improving after-hours or hospice care, to making it easier for busy clients to arrange routine checkups and follow-up care, technology offers opportunities to increase access to and utilization of veterinary services, and improve the quality of care for patients.

Wonder what telemedicine services might look like in your clinic? This depends on your own and your clients’ needs and interests. Telemedicine isn’t one-size-fits-all, and the AVMA Telehealth Resource Center will help you customize a program that fits your practice. The Telemedicine Service Models page can give you practical ideas for possible service offerings, and once you’ve decided which services to provide, you can follow the simple Steps to Implement Telemedicine in your practice.

Also, you don’t have to do it alone. There are a variety of vendors that can help you implement telemedicine, and we’ve created a helpful checklist to evaluate and compare possible service providers.