The Power of a Pet

The video at the end of this post was submitted by Dr. Dee Griffin, who also sent along this message:

"Those that know me well, know I have spent my live bettering the life of feeder cattle and stewardship of these special creatures from God.  But what I love most are the folks that care for animals or in some way depend on animals for their wellbeing.  Many who know me have also have heard me expound on the importance of the dog or cat that meets the junior high child coming home after having a very tough day at school interacting with classmates & teachers (my wife Joan retired after 39 years teaching in junior high).  The purr of the cat or excitement of the dog may be the only bright spot the child remembers of their day.  As veterinarians we all have enjoyed the conversations with kids … sometimes they talk to us about things they wouldn’t share with their parents, teachers or minister.  And what about old devils like me … our family’s pet is more important to my wife and I than ever before … the pet at times is the key to our daily sanity.  The veterinarian of a family’s pet may be more important to their mental wellbeing than any other professional.  

"As for me, I recognize I’m not smart enough or talented enough to be as competent as most of the mixed practitioners I have encountered in my career.  I remember like yesterday a nationally known cattle veterinarian that serviced the mixed practice needs of a town of 2,000 explained to me; “you get really good with cattle in a place like this, but when a family brings a kitten to your office, the kitten and the family deserve the very best veterinary medicine has to offer.”   We have a wonderful profession and I am so honored to have kinship with colleagues who are smart enough and talented enough to be the mixed practitioners which are the foundation of our profession … and the “mental stability” care takers of so many pet owners and their children.  Dee."

Here is the video:

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