NCSF Fall Scholarship Recipients

The NVMA Scholarship Committee, under the Chairmanship of Dr. Theresa Kelliher, has released the 2019 fall scholarship awards.  Eighteen qualified applications were received and evaluated by the committee and $23,000 ($ 21,300 from the Foundation, $1,700 from the Person Fund administered by the NVMA) was awarded.  Some students were awarded two scholarships; the average award was $1,277.

This year’s recipient list includes three seniors, seven juniors, and eight sophomores.  All but one is enrolled in the UNL/ISU 2+2 program and the remaining student attends Oregon State University in Corvalis, Orgeon. The scholarship recipients:

  • Carrick Perlinger
  • Jeremy Brozek
  • Jais Ford
  • Aaron Colwell
  • Katie Michel
  • Josh Payne
  • Samuel Rogge
  • McKenzie Beals Weber
  • Elisabeth Forker
  • Bailee Porter
  • Hannah Kunzman
  • Katie Griger
  • Jasmine Hanson
  • Kim Spartz
  • Emily Gray
  • Corey Miciunas
  • Elise Jane Brower
  • Mathila Noronha


The Board of Directors offers their congratulations to these hard-working and talented individuals.

The Board would also like to express their sincere appreciation to those donors who make those scholarships possible:

The Bronze Scholarship ($ 4000 award to the top ranked scholar)

Dr. & Mrs. C.R. Johnson

Auxiliary Scholarship (2)

Dr. Bob Essig Memorial Scholarship

Dr. & Mrs. Oliver Grace Memorial Scholarship (2)

Francis L. and Rosemary (Kramer) Neumann Scholarship

Dr. Jack Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Rhoades Family Scholarship

Dr. Al Doster Scholarship

Dr. John and Donna Cerny Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Rex Emery Memorial Scholarship

Bronze #2 Scholarship

Bohmont/Schuyler Veterinary Clinic Scholarship

In addition to those endowed scholarships listed above, a one-time memorial scholarship was awarded in the names of each of the following:

Donna White

Dr. Jim Butler

Dr. James Edwards

Dr. Jim Stava

Dr. Richard Bair

Dr. Robert Lewis

Dr. Darlan Rezac

Liam Fitzwater

Nicholas Pachta