The NVMA's Official Beginnings

The year 1896 has been accepted as the offical beginning of the NVMA. The meeting that year was held in January at the Merchants Hotel in Omaha with seven veterinarians present.

Those seven veterinarians included Dr. A.T. Peters (Lincoln), Dr. J.S. Anderson (Seward), Drs. A.T. Everett and A.M. Blackwell (Omaha), Dr. J.D. Sprague (David City). From later reports of the NVMA meetings it is believed that Dr. Valentin Schaefer (Tekamah) and Dr. H.L. Ramacciotti (Omaha) were also charter members.

Dr. Peters was elected president; Dr. Anderson, vice-president; Dr. Everett, secretary; and Dr. Blackwell treasurer.

In 1898, its third year, the NVMA hosted the 35th annual United States Veterinary Medical Association's meeting in Omaha, with the help of the Iowa veterinarians.

The first annual summer clinic of the NVMA was held at David City, June 28, 1934. More than 150 veterinarians registered, including visitors from Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. The clinic began at 8:00 a.m. and it was that hour in the evening before all cases had been disposed of. The various operations and demonstrations showed clearly that Nebraska veterinarians are keeping abrest of modern progress in veterinary science.

Currently the NVMA holds two meetings a year; Annual Convention in January, Summer meeting in June. There are currently 582 members and 60 student members.

Source: A Century of Veterinary Medicine in Nebraska, author Leo L. Lemonds, DVM.