NVMA Meeting Registration

Annual Conference 2019 | Younes Conference Center | Kearney, Nebraska

Welcome to the NVMA event registration page!

If you wish to use a traditional hard-copy registration form for the 2019 NVMA Annual Conference, you may download the registration form here.

Online Annual Conference Registration

There ​is ​a ​$3.95 ​online ​registration ​fee ​for ​each ​registration. ​Additional ​fees ​apply ​if ​you ​pay ​for ​your ​registration ​with ​a ​credit ​card. ​If ​you ​use ​the ​non-PayPal ​credit ​card ​option, ​the ​fee ​is ​4.95 ​percent ​of ​the ​transaction ​amount. ​If ​you ​pay ​with ​a ​credit ​card ​through ​the ​PayPal ​option, ​the ​fee ​is ​0.95 ​percent ​of ​the ​transaction ​amount.

To register online, click here. 

NVMA members who have paid their 2019 dues receive a discount on registration. Click here to renew your membership or join the NVMA.

Online registration requires an access code. Non-members who wish to register for the conference should email or call (402 463-4704) Executive Director Dina Michel and ask for the Annual Conference access code. 


Exhibitors click here.